A Pretty Ugly Lunch


A Pop-Up Luncheon at Ground Up Initiative's first Farmers' Market.


Planning your March calendar? Looking for something out of the ordinary to do in the month of March?

Visit the 1st ever Ground-Up Initiative's Farmers' Market on 16th of MARCH 2019 (10am-5pm), that is both FUN and FREE!

Come join us for a FARM-TASTIC and FARM-FILLED family-friendly Saturday! Yes, a Saturday!

Pretty Ugly Lunch

Join us for our GUI Farmers' Market special as we re-invent the concept of Zero Waste in Foods with a vege-based menu made almost entirely out of excess or ugly foods. Due to the availability and seasonal nature of the variety of excess foods, the menu will be complemented with a range of organic herbs from GUI's garden.

The Pretty Ugly Lunch will be a mystery 3-course meal created and prepared by the finalists of MasterChef Singapore (Genevieve and Sowmiya) from The Food Producer.

With just 2 sessions available, RSVP now, while seats last!

Session 1: 11:30- 13:00 ($35/pax)

Session 2: 13:30- 15:00 ($35/pax)


Lemongrass and Pandan Tea

Pre- Appetiser:
Sourdough & Focaccia
Curry Leaf Butter

Veggie Patty
Basil Vinaigrette
Zucchini Ribbons
Tomato Chutney
Soy Aioli

Main Course:
Nasi Ulam Kamameshi
Rendang Oyster Mushroom, Potato & Capsicum
Veg Tempura, Corn, Maitake & Eggplant
Cucumber Radish Pickle

Salted Coconut Agar
Carrot Halwa
Walnut Crumble
Orange Reduction
Fizzy Melons
Crispy Basil

Please take note that all dishes might contain traces of peanuts or other nuts.

WAIT A MINUTE, HOLD UP A SECOND, did you say finalists of MasterChef Singapore?

Yes we did! Has that perked your interest?

The Food Producer is a collective of not so ordinary chefs coming together to build food spaces and food dreams bigger than if they had done it alone. Their work is a labor of love cooked together by combining information gathered from clients and market trends folded in with creativity and passion. Not only do they cook fantastically well, they plan and devise your culinary calendar, curate your food festivals, show and tell at events and classes, and host, wine and dine your guests.

Genevieve Lee is currently pursuing a culinary degree in the Culinary Institute of America, while paving her way into the food industry and taking in all aspects the world has to offer. Her food dream is to eventually be a chef with a voice who can introduce healthy nutritious food culture to the millennials of the world. She hopes to inspire generations to strive for their dreams even in less traditionally deemed prestigious occupations. Her food journey started from a long linage of culinary experts but her real skillset was harnessed via the internet. Combined with traditional genetic knowledge, Gen would describe her style of cooking as quirky and unpredictable but promising an explosion of flavor profiles.She will cook anything and everything under the sun, describing every meal to be a brunch if she will, because there are no rules to brunch.

Sowmiya Venkatesan had never cooked until having a family of her own. What began as a necessary chore soon became a life-time passion. Within a week of starting her cooking journey she was creating her own innovative dishes. Sowmiya was inspired by the flavours of her Indian heritage, but she wanted to add a modern, healthier twist to the classic dishes that have taken Indian food to all corners of the world. She loves to play with flavours, texture combinations and spices, and pairs new ingredients with traditional dishes. This gives her food unique taste profiles and depth of character. While Sowmiya is vegetarian, she cooks for her meat-loving husband and son, and has learnt how to please all palates. Sowmiya cherishes feeding people, and is happiest taking in the sight of their clean plates at the end of a meal.

Farmers' Market

What is the Ground-Up Initiative's Farmers' Market about?
Raising awareness for a greener lifestyle and sustainability through local stores, brands and retailers who have put in a lot of effort to do what they do!

What is so special about Ground-Up Initiative's Farmers' Market?
Our big, friendly community put this event together from scratch. Visit us to find out more!

What can I do at the Farmers' Market?
- Select locally-sourced ingredients from a range of stalls,
- Indulge in all-natural handmade products,
- Participate in enticing and educational Kampung tours,
- Savour the local flavour from food and beverage stores,
- Play Kampung games that will challenge your physique,
- Join in educational workshops,
- Explore the Kampung and its ecosystem of floral and fauna,
- Have a meal made by the finalists of Masterchef Singapore

and many, many, many, many, many, many more!
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Sat Mar 16, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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